Arab American Heritage Month

We at the Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC) are very excited to share our youth-led Arab American Heritage Guide for school districts to adopt and teach during Arab American Heritage Month in April.

This guide is intended for educators, school administrators, and staff, but includes many K-12 appropriate resources for students and parents to utilize themselves. The guide highlights Arab youth in their own words speaking on their experiences and struggles growing up in Bay Area public schools. This guide provides an opportunity for school districts to address critical issues of representation and education equity. Additionally, this guide aims to combat Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism through its engagement within entire school districts.

The Arab American Heritage Month guide has been a project for Arab youth to learn about their identity, develop leadership and critical thinking skills, and reclaim space in their classrooms, school districts, and the communities they come from that make up an integral part of the fabric of our society. We hope that school districts can take lead in uplifting Arab American students by teaching about their history, as part of the expanding Ethnic Studies and history curriculums in the Bay Area and nationwide.

Along with the curriculum and many resources, a poster is made available for download in the guide. We encourage educators and school administrators and staff to display this poster in their classrooms and offices, and celebrate Arab American Heritage Month in April with all their students!

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