Press Release

SF Arab, Muslim, and Jewish Leaders Blast Mayor: Several Prominent Groups Demand Apology Over Mayor's Inflammatory and Inaccurate Gaza Statement

San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Arab, Muslim, and Jewish community leaders have delivered a letter to May London Breed condemning her recent controversial and factually inaccurate statements regarding the Gaza ceasefire resolution passed by the Board of Supervisors on January 9. The letter calls out the Mayor’s action as inflammatory, politically motivated, and undermining the safety of all San Francisco residents. The letter is co-signed by the Arab Resource & Organizing Center, the Council on American Islamic Relations–California, If Not Now-Bay Area, and Jewish Voice for Peace-Bay Area and demands the mayor issue a retraction and apology, and “dismiss the ill-informed, out-of-touch, and racist and biased staff and advisors that contributed to writing this damaging letter as soon as possible.”

“While we were initially relieved that you made the right decision by not vetoing the resolution, the contents of your letter were inflammatory, irresponsible, disingenuous, one-sided, and intentionally political. Many points in the letter were not only inaccurate, but also racist, divisive, and demeaning towards Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim communities in San Francisco and beyond, while also completely erasing the thousands of Jewish people who supported the resolution.”

Click here to read the letter in full.


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