Report Hate


In light of the unfolding violence we’ve witnessed across Palestine, there has been an alarming increase in incidents of anti-Arab and Islamophobic hate here in the Bay Area. If you have been a victim of, or have witnessed, an incident involving anti-Arab or Islamophobic hate, bigotry, bias, or discrimination, please use the incident reporting form below to share your account. We want to assure you that any personal information you provide will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will never be disclosed to any third party without your explicit consent.

This report tracking form has two main functions. The first is to document and monitor these incidents, in order to gather and analyze incident data to gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by our communities. Through this knowledge, we aim to advocate for community resources and effective solutions. By sharing your experiences with us, you are helping to shed light on what is happening in our communities.

The second main function of this form is to provide support for victims of hate incidents. With your permission, if you choose to share your contact information, we may reach out to further communicate with you regarding more information for any support.

We extend our sincere gratitude to you for sharing your story with us. Together, we can work towards the day all people in Palestine, and all peoples of the world, can live in dignity and peace.

"Everything in this world can be robbed and stolen, except one thing; this one thing is the love that emanates from a human being towards a solid commitment to a conviction or cause."